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Race Nehru Trophy Snake Boat in Alleppey, Kerala

Snake boat race is one of the exciting events held in Alleppey, Kerala. It is held annually the second Saturday of August this year in 2009, the event will be held August 8. Event is known as Nehru Trophy Boat Race and takes place in Punnamada Lake in Alleppey or Alappuzha, Kerala (India).

History Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

The event is known as Nehru Trophy Boat Race Nehru Trophy Snake due to rolling was initiated by the first Prime Minister of India independent in 1952, when he visited Kerala for the first time. The city of Alleppey gave him a warm welcome escort ships of snakes and Jawahar Lal Nehru was so happy that I won a trophy stock is given to the winner of the race snake each year.

Event Attraction

Several participants taking part in the Boat Race and main attraction of the event is the race of snake that is as long as 100-120 feet. It consists of timber forests, locally called "Aanjili ADHD. It is known as the "Chunda vallam, which has about 100 rowers at a time and has the distinction of being ship more water used for sports. It is called snake boat, because it resembles the hood of snakes hissing.

Some vessels Nehru Trophy Snake participate in famous Boat Race in Alleppey are Kaarichaal, Paayipaadu, Chambakulam Cheruthana and San Jorge. The breed is also known as from "vallam Kali" in Malayalam. Is a game that tests the strength of the human being in quiet pools with music and musicians of drums and cheers the crowd for their favorite boat.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race has become an international sporting event which results in a large number of spectators from around world. The regatta is one of its kinds in the world and is only held in Kerala, India. As the event is held in August, when the vicinity of the event turn all green and picturesque, because of monsoon rains.

So if you are planning a trip to Kerala, set and make the visit as Alleppey is an event worth attending, leaving the estimated permanent reminder in their heart. If everything you do not planned your trip is still time to think.

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