Fast Boats And Girls

Fast Boats And Girls
Fast Boats And Girls

Quick Ways to Build Muscles Fast – 5 Key Secrets for Fast Results

Can you imagine what your life would be like with the perfect muscular body; getting past the barriers that are stalling your muscle building efforts and getting faster results than you ever thought possible?  

I’m sure you know that building muscle takes a lot of hard work.  Despite everything you’ve tried and all of your hard work, you’re still not seeing the muscle you want. 

There are little things you can do to maximize weight training effectiveness like the key secrets that are listed below.  But don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of these tips and it’s not your fault that these steps are missing from your routine.  We typically get our muscle building information from today’s fitness magazines, yet these valuable tips are missing from these guides. 

 Let me share with you these 5 secret techniques that give quick ways to build muscles fast.  Then watch as the results missing since you started your journey, such as massive pecs, killer biceps, and a V-shaped back, reveal themselves quicker than you could have ever imagined and the life you’ve only just imagine become real. 

  • Place hands and feet in proper position while using machines or free weights – Position hand and feet correctly to ensure that the targeted muscles of the exercises you perform get the maximum workout.  Plus this helps prevent joint injury.
  • Use the “full range of motion” – you cheat yourself out of the effectiveness of your entire workout when you only use a partial range of motion.  Think about paddling in a canoe.  Using a partial stroke with the paddle moves the canoe just a short distance.  Use a full stroke and see how much the canoe goes a whole boat length farther…plus some. 
  • Pause on your exercise moves – This tip is probably one of the key factors in your tips for quick ways to build muscles fast.  Pausing at the end of your resistance and end of your release creates an impact you feel immediately.  It puts your muscles in a muscle building state. 
  • Controlled moves through the resistance and release – Using momentum to lift weight causes all types of gyrations in order to work through the resistance.  Think about some of the heroes you see lifting in the gym.  I’m sure there are some pretty interesting moves what with arms, legs, and sometimes the whole body swinging or bouncing back and forth.  They make any hip hop squad want to use them as part of the choreography in their dance routine.
  • Limit your rest time between exercises – workouts are tough, which is why I suppose we call them “workouts”. Allowing for extra rest time between the reps removes some of the “work” from your routine.  Imagine what your routine would look like if you rested only 45 seconds to 1 minute after going all out on a set.  Exhausting huh?  Well, the news flash is that is what you want.  The short rest period is causing your heart to pump and your metabolic rate is to peak.  This means fat is burning.  It also means that your muscles are being pushed.

You have many valid personal reasons for building muscle.  It makes for a healthy great looking body that you’ll love, the girls will want, and the guys will be jealous over.  Apply the 5 techniques above for quick ways to build muscles fast and be on your way to the body you always wanted.

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