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Boat antifouling paints can respond to rising fuel costs

Dirty bottomed boats can be used to fuel up to 10%. This means that now more than ever, it is necessary to use the technology of racing sailboats have been used for years: antifouling, non-stick, copper and Teflon boat bottom paint. These easy to apply primers, coatings or substantive, can make the boat owner money.

Why not stick at the bottom race boat type work tables:

  1. To produce smooth helmets, paintings racing type boat bottom using the same molecule contained in nonstick cookware, the largest molecule called with a drag coefficient of smooth ice.
  2. Copper is often embedded in such a quick stick coating, causing barnacles zebra mussels, the growth of algae and other reject water and rarely stick to the substance.
  3. These changes coatings from a bar of soap, taking growth with them as the water passes over the helmet, keeping the ship without money problems.

Some negative aspects of the use of non-stick coatings boat racing background:

  1. The bottom of the boat must be repainted Every few years the finish is worn.
  2. Grinding It takes a few years for the next layer adheres well.
  3. Color bottom of the ship darkens as copper oxidizes turn dark brown and gray.

Cost may be a factor. A 20 – to 30-m. vessel may be coated with less than $ 100 in materials. Not a bad price to pay for 10% savings in fuel costs.

Protecting your boat at full growth also helps maintain the value of your boat. In recent years, the boats allowed to oxidation cover two thirds of the steel during the life of the vessel. But today, with Teflon coatings bottom type urethane, ships can go 11 or 12 years or thickness loss of uncoated steel. In the 70s, the U.S. Navy tested non-stick coatings that five ships and impressed to see that the residual growth had not left after a speed of 10-15 knots could be achieved with a single off pressure washing. It eliminated grinding and associated wear helmets.

For more information on these types of coatings, visit

. The cards are provided so that you can determine the amount of material necessary for your boat.

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