Lego Boats That Float

Lego Boats That Float
Lego Boats That Float

Sail Away with Mickey and Goofy on a Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line came into being in 1999 and for 10 years has been the cruise line leader in “family” cruises. They immediately redefined the cruise industry with the majority of their staterooms being larger and having balconies. They were also the first to place bathtubs in the majority of their staterooms, something needed for young children.  

The designers of Disney Cruise Line ships definitely had children in mind when they designed the different areas specifically for children. For little ones, 3 months to 3 years, there’s Flounders Reef Nursery with their low ratio of children to caretakers. Decorated in the Little Mermaid theme, the center is fully-equipped with baby swings, walkers, music and a VCR/television for movies, all designed to provide mental stimulation and entertainment.

For kids 3 to 7, the Oceaneer Club is a pirate ship from Neverland. There’s a sparkling “night sky”, a television secreted in a treasure chest and lamps from barrels. Security is vital here, ensuring that the children are safe and happy as they play games dressed up as a princesses, pirates or villains. There is a computer lab with a kid-sized mouse, a Lego table for them to express their creativity, and a play area for climbing and sliding.

The Oceaneers Lab for kids 8 to 12 is decorated in a futuristic outer space theme complete with a large-screen Nintendo and a huge Buzz Lightyear. There are numerous computer terminals so they can play computer games, a lab for on-hands experiments and Quackamation where they can learn how to draw Donald Duck. There are activities such as Regatta Racers, the Apprentice’s Workshop and the 4th Pig’s Pasta Palace. The older kids can also participate in the Nautical Mystery Tour and be thrilled with tales of mysterious ghost ships and disappearing islands in Mysterious Islands and the Search for Atlantis.

For the teens the Aloft is a high-energy club complete with a dance floor, computer station, alcohol-free drinks, multiple video screens and plenty for room for socializing. There are activities such as the Welcome Party, the Teen Aloha Pool Party, special teens-only shore excursions and Teen Karaoke at Studio Sea. There are a number of organized games and challenges like Whatever Floats your Boat where teens compete to build the winning bamboo boat. There are also opportunities to kayak, snorkel and explore on Castaway Cay.

The childrens’ pools on a Disney cruise ship are pure whimsy and fun. Mickey’s Pool is the kiddie pool, only 2-foot-deep with a smiling Mickey Mouse, and reserved for the swim-diaper set. Goofy’s Pool is a 4-foot-deep pool that features a portrait of Goofy on the bottom of the pool. There are also two whirlpool spas where parents can relax while watching their kids.  For the adults, the Quiet Cove Pool is open until midnight and is the perfect escape for guests who want to relax and enjoy the quiet.

Disney Cruise Line has set the bar so high for a family cruise line that other cruise lines are playing catch up. Family cruises have reached a new high with all the innovations and attractions that are standard fare on Disney Cruises.

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build a boat of out of common household items?

i have to do this for school and we’re working in groups. one boy in my group wants to use lego’s, which i think is kinda dumb and i don’t think they’d float. and this other girl wants to use like an orange juice container, that is a better idea, but we have to have details on it like a real boat, because this is 8th grade, not first or second. i want to come up with an idea to show them tomorrow, different then theirs though. does anyone have any idea that might be of any assistance? thank you.

ply wood thats real flexable and then use epoxy to seal it up and water proof it. you can make any boat disign you want. legos that will float!!!!! ha ha ha they will not. go with wood and epoxy.

Lego Boat Motor

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