Used Boats Erie Pa

Used Boats Erie Pa
Used Boats Erie Pa

Tropical Vacation On A Budget

If you cannot afford to spend thousands on a Caribbean vacation then Splash Lagoon in Erie Pennsylvania is the place for you. I happened upon this gem quite by accident trying to find a city close to me that sells powerball lottery tickets. It was serendipity.

Splash Lagoon is the ultimate indoor water park. What could be better than 400,000 gallons of water splashing around at 84 degrees F while the air around you is kept at a steamy 86F? There is a lovely lazy river that you can cruise around on a single or double tube (at no extra charge for the use of tubes unlike many water parks). Splash Lagoon has 7 wild and crazy slides and 3 giant hot tubs-one for adults only. Splash Lagoon has an area for the little kiddies too called monkey shines island with small slides and a shallow pool. They also provide life vests for children-again no extra cost. Here you can play water basketball in the big pool or climb the Tiki tree house and soak people unsuspecting below you with a myriad of water cannons and sprayers.

The most fun comes when when the Tiki chime is heard and people gather under the monstrous tipping bucket for the opportunity to have a thousand gallons of water dumped on them.

Once you enter the lagoon you really need never leave until closing. There is an ice cream stand, Dippin Dots. The Laguna Grill serves burgers and fries and pizza and beer. There are change rooms with showers and towels are provided for use free for guests staying in one of the hotels connected to the lagoon. And most important for parents who want to stay dry while their offspring turn to prunes in the water there is a dry zones where you can sit inside the park.

There are four hotels associated with Splash Lagoon. The Residence Inn by Marriott, The Holiday Inn Express, and Comfort Inn are all connected to the Lagoon so there is no need to be chilled going from your room to the park. There is also the Econolodge that is across the street and provides a free shuttle over. If you book a hotel package tickets to the water park are included as is breakfast at all four of these hotels.

If you need more entertainment that this there is an arcade and a surf shop and also laser tag all on the same property. Several local restaurants such as Applebee’s will deliver to these hotels with no charge for delivery.

Anywhere you come from you have to take the I-90 and exit at Peach street. Splash Lagoon is right at the exit and impossible to miss. The address is 8100 Peach St Erie ,PA.

The second best thing about Erie ,PA is no sales tax on clothing. That’s right none,nada,nothing,zero. Whoohoo. The Millcreek Mall has all the stores you need to stock up your clothing wardrobe . Sales tax on other items is only 6 percent .

And a beach too . And if that isn’t enough to have you packing your overnight bag then Erie has one more thing for you. Beautiful Lake Erie where there is swimming, fishing, canoe and boat rentals available and scuba diving. These are all there to be enjoyed throughout the summer months. There are bicycles for rent or a surrey for two.

Erie has one more terrific source of amusement for you .It is called Discover Presque-isle. It only happens once a year in July-a local festival held at Presque-isle state park where parking is free and the food divine. Treats such as kettle cooked corn it is real corn really kettle cooked right there and fresh pulled candy abound. Fresh squeezed lemonade, grilled chicken and curly fries. I could go on but you get the message/ This festival is a gustatory delight.

After all the food and excitement of the day head to the beach which is right there. A lifeguarded clean beach with sugary sand awaits you.

Day passes for Splash Lagoon are 40 percent cheaper if you get yours after 4pm-the park is open until 9 or 10 pm depending on the day.

If you don’t mind staying at a hotel not attached to the park you can get a decent hotel room on priceline for under $50.

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Ann Childs is a freelance writer and travel consultant. Her specialty is Caribbean travel including beach vacations and cruises. She is the editor and featured writer at Cruise and Travel Review Post your own reviews at Cruise and Travel Review Forums

What should i use to catch bass in Presque Isle bay or Lake Erie?

I live in Erie, PA and i only fish off land, i dont have a boat. : (

I make a trip to Presque Isle Bay every year and I throw lots of Bass flies at them. I walk throughout the whole Bay area (No boat needed) and I’m amazed at the size of these critters. I’d say they average about 20 inches. I don;t mind paying $27 for a one day charge. (being from out of state)
My fly of choice is the Bass Candy… Black works the best for me. I’ve tried my beloved topwater but the waters there are a bit too clear or something. Not a bother though. They seem to really like the leech imitation qualities of the Bass Candy. Nice fishery you have there!

For those who fish the bay…heres a link to the Bass Candy.

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